Helping your lawn recover from flooding

Published : 03/11/2022

For many of our customers in Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales, flooding has taken over their lawns and homes, leaving behind a big clean up job; take note of these tips and you’ll give your lawn a much better chance of recovery.

Firstly, allow water to recede fully and give your lawn time to dry out. This could take a few weeks depending on the drainage your lawn has, the climate you live in, and how much rain you got. During this time, avoid foot traffic on your lawn to reduce risk of soil compaction.

Your lawn should also be fully dry before any repair work is undertaken to reduce risk of long-term damage to your lawn, this includes mowing.

When you do mow, set your mower to the highest cutting level. Don’t use an electric mower when your lawn is still wet. Wet lawns and electric mowers can be a recipe for disaster.

Remove any debris and leaves from your lawn, this will make your recovery speedier and will lessen the chance of fungal diseases developing in your lawn.

Next, you’ll want to do a pH test to see if the heavy rain has led to the soil becoming acidic; and replenish your lawns nutrients where fit. It might be a good time to call your local Coochie operator and book in an assessment and quote for a spray on fertiliser treatment to rebalance your soils ph.

Watch out for any signs of stress such as drooping, browning or yellowing leaves or for fungal diseases which will thrive in the coming weeks after a lot of rain.

Pests can run  rampant for a number of weeks after a heavy rain, standing water attracts rodents, insects, and pests, which can do even more damage to your lawn. Keep an eye out!

Treating lawn pests and diseases is our expertise, if you think you are experiencing any of these lawn care issues, contact your local Coochie HydroGreen operator to book in a lawn care quote.

Nursing your lawn back to its former glory after flooding can be time consuming and can become costly when done incorrectly. Coochie HydroGreen takes the guesswork out of lawn care and lawn repair, if you have experienced flooding at your place this week, get in touch with Coochie HydroGreen today for a free onsite lawn care assessment and quote.