Keeping Your Lawn Healthy During a Drought

Published : 11/14/2019

It's no secret that a good lawn needs water to keep it looking green. But what about when water is tight? It's still possible to have a healthy lawn.

The soil moisture retainers and wetting agents that are included in the Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Care Program give your lawn the basis it needs to grow healthy and resilient. Your lawn won't look as green as it can without water or rain, but in drier times this resilience will mean your lawn will survive.

It's much easier to care for a healthy lawn and investing in our Lawn Care Program is much cheaper than replacing your turf altogether.

Some tips during a drought:

  • If available, make use of any recycled or greywater
  • Minimise heavy traffic across your lawn
  • Avoid watering your lawn during very hot or very bright times of day

If your state currently has water restrictions, make sure you read up on them and always comply with the restriction put in place in your region.


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