3 Mowing Myths You Need to Read

Published : 07/21/2019

"All grasses can be mowed at the same height"

Wrong. Different types of turf perform better at different blade lengths. This means that finding out the type of lawn you have is important before embarking on a lawn maintenance mission. Coochie HydroGreen will tell you this during our free 10-point lawn assessment

"Mowing once a month is more efficient than mowing weekly"

Wrong again.

No more than 1/3 of the leaf should be cut in any one mow. Hacking it all off in one go will only leave your lawn vulnerable. The turf at Melbourne Cricket Ground is cut every single day in summer! You can manage a trim once a week.

"Mowing weeds in the lawn will kill them"

Not always. Whilst shaving the top off dandelions and crows foot disguises the problem, it doesn't treat the issue and the weeds will just keep coming back - sometimes growing even bigger than they once were as your mower can help spread seeds from certain weeds.

A regular weed spray will help eradicate existing weeds from your lawn as well as preventing new ones from germinating. Our Lawn Care program ensures year-round weed control.