The Top Lawn Care Tips For Your Lawn To Look Beautiful All Year Around

Published : 06/01/2022

To keep a healthy and lush green lawn, you need to give your lawn a lot of attention all year around. A Lawn Care Specialist will save you time and hard work. Our range of seasonal lawn treatments are the key to transforming your lawn. Every lawn is different and needs different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and that’s the reason why our liquid treatments are tailored to your individual lawn. We also use a variety of specialist weedkillers to target the specific weeds on your lawn without damaging your lawn. 

Spring Lawn Treatment

After a cold winter your lawn is in need of a kick-start. Our liquid fertiliser is specially formulated to provide your lawn with all of the key nutrients to rapidly green and thicken your lawn. An application of weedkiller will control weeds that are starting to sprout. All of our lawn treatments are safe for pets and children.

Early Summer Treatment

Temperatures are starting to rise and your lawn is reaching its peak growth period. This means it requires plenty of nourishment to keep it green and healthy. A slow release fertiliser feeds the lawn for the next two months and a suitable weedkiller will kill any weeds present. 

Late Summer Treatment

To keep your lawn looking good a special scorch free fertiliser is applied which will keep your lawn looking good even when the weather gets really hot and dry. A further weed kill will help with the few weeds that may remain and grub sprays will keep pests at bay. 

Autumn Treatment

After a long warm summer there is still work to do to keep your lawn healthy throughout the winter. A special autumn feed will harden the grass against the stresses of cold and help prevent diseases. 

Winter treatment

It’s still very important to think about your lawn in winter. Having more rain and less harsh sun doesn't mean you have to forget about your lawn. Winter is when it is at its most fragile and open to attack from disease or frost damage to name just a few. By applying our preventative weed and pest treatments and reactive fungicides we can strengthen the turf against these attacks. 


Having a schedule is a great way to keep your lawn maintained. A schedule will make lawn maintenance hassle-free and will help you keep a healthy and lush lawn all year around.

If lawn maintenance is your hobby, now there is a chance for you to make it your profession. Contact us to find out more about lawn maintenance business opportunities in your area. Coochie Hydrogreen offers lawn maintenance franchises for sale.