Understanding and Controlling Lawn Grub Infestations

Published : 05/04/2022

Grubs generally start out at about 1 cm long in the larval stage. The larval stage lasts from about 7 to 12 weeks depending on the weather. The peak of the grub’s life cycle is when the grub is around 10-15 cm long, known as the pupal stage. There are several species of lawn grubs, some of which are considered more damaging than others. Hosta, Zoysia, Buffalo grass, Couch and Kikuyu grasses are all particularly susceptible to lawn grubs. If you find your lawn afflicted with the curse of the lawn grubs don’t despair. Treating & eradicating these pests is relatively easy. You will need to be particularly vigilant as the weather warms up, usually from September to March, and after heavy rain. The active grub stage occurs when it is warm and moist. Be thorough, by using a sharp instrument or, better still, a grub picker, to remove grubs found on the surface of your lawn. It is highly advisable to use a lawn grub control product for lawn grub treatment.

Application of lawn grub control products:

  • Granular formulations will require watering.
  • Grub sprays can be applied without water.
  • Grub grabbers are a handy tool.

Applying lawn grub control products is best done when grubs are actively feeding. Lawn Grub control products usually kill the grubs on contact and, unlike some other lawn pests, remain active in the soil for several years, ensuring the grubs do not return.

Tips for using lawn grub control products:

A) Treating established lawns - Apply lawn grub control products when grubs are actively feeding or apply pre-emergents throughout the year to stop lawn grubs attacks from occurring. 

B) Avoid drift onto non-target plants, trees and structures.

C) Spray during dry weather. The optimum temperature for applying lawn grub control products is 5oC to 25oC. 

D) Ensure even coverage. Avoid under and over application. Multiple applications may be required to kill the grubs.

E) Keep pets & people off the lawn until the spray has dried. Target applications of lawn grub control products are most effective when they are directed onto the actual grub.

Conclusion: Your lawn can be the envy of your neighbours with regular applications of lawn grub control products and by weeding & feeding your lawn. Management of lawns, through regular mowing & fertilising, will also help in the long term. For further advice on lawn grub control products contact us here at hydrogreen@coochie.com.au or call @ 1800245955.