Weedy Wednesday – Nutgrass

Published : 12/30/2020

Nutgrass (Cyperus Rotundus) is a noxious weed that is incredibly difficult to eradicate and can remain active in soil for years. It most commonly grows in South East Queensland but can also be seen in many other parts of Australia.  It is identifiable by its light green hue, and often stands out from the rest of your lawn. Nutgrass has multiple blades that shoot up from the triangular stem, this weed also tends to grow taller than most grasses.

Nutgrass thrives in disturbed sites such as lawns, paths, and roadsides. It is important to practice good lawn maintenance to avoid your grass making space for Nutgrass to grow. Lush, green, healthy lawns are not good environments for Nutgrass to be growing in.

If you find Nutgrass in your lawn, you need to act quickly. If you allow the weed time to spread it will quickly spread across your turf and become next to impossible to remove.

The best method of physical treatment is to dig each tuft of Nutgrass out of your lawn with a small spade. You have to be incredibly attentive to ensure no roots, bulbs or seeds are left in the soil as they will quickly resprout, making all your hard work for nothing.

For most people, by the time they spot Nutgrass in their lawn it is too late to physically remove it. If a large amount of the weed has invaded your lawn, the best bet is to treat it with a herbicide. These chemicals can be very expensive and difficult to use correctly. We find that more often than not, DIY herbicide applications end with missed weeds reestablishing the growth or burnt and dead patches of grass. It’s definitely worth getting a professional to deal with Nutgrass, the cost of one Coochie HydroGreen treatment is far less than that of replacing your turf completely.

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