Weedy Wednesday - Summer Grass

Published : 12/23/2020

Summer Grass (Digitaria Cilaris) is an annual weed that grows in the warmer months of the year, it thrives in high temperatures and humidity. It can be identified by its soft, hairy, purple tinged leaves and its clustered, close to ground growth pattern. If left untreated, Summer Grass can grow as tall as 30cm and completely take over your lawn.

Summer Grass spreads by seed in the Autumn and can sit dormant in your lawn for years before sprouting. This makes the weed a challenge for homeowners as treatment can be difficult and they will find seedlings sprouting just a few months later. Apart from not looking pretty, the weed is also an annoyance to your garden because it invades turf and competes for nutrients and growing space. It can quickly overpower your turf, resulting in it needing to be completely replaced.

Summer Grass can be removed by hand but due to its dormant seeds, will continue to grow the next spring. If you choose to deal with it by hand, it is still a good idea to spray pre-emergent herbicide at the beginning of spring to ensure you won’t find Summer Grass springing up during the warmer months. Our Lawn Care Program’s Winter application will prevent any dormant seeds from germinating as the weather warms up.

Herbicides are the best method of treating these weeds, both pre- and post-emergent varieties of herbicides work well, however they must be spot applied which can be a tedious activity. When working with chemicals it is best to leave it to the professionals to avoid destroying the lawn surrounding the weeds. Our Lawn Care Program provides 6 annual visits where we spray liquid lawn treatments that prevent and kill weeds as well as maintaining turf health and encouraging growth. Get in contact today to claim your free assessment and quote!

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