What is a Moss Lawn

Published : 07/09/2021

Moss is nature’s carpet, and has become a trendy alternative to the traditional turf grass we see in most Aussie gardens. Moss lawns have been sold as the answer to all your prayers with extremely low maintenance and a great look.

These lawns flourish in temperate climates with high rainfall when local mosses are used. These types of lawns can also be a good solution if your lawn is lacking sunlight and is prone to disease.

Moss lawns have many positives, such as: no need to mow or fertilise, they’re nice-looking during greening, the can prevent soil erosion, and its tolerance to shade. This can be beneficial for a lawn in a home without children or dogs, for someone who dreads getting the mower out every weekend, or if the lawn is not intended to be used. But moss lawns aren’t as low maintenance as they are advertised to be!

Moss requires frequent watering and cleaning to keep it that beautiful green colour. Any debris from trees or bushes that falls onto the moss can damage the moss and cause tears or mould to form. And keeping a moss lawn can quickly run up the water bill as in warmer months it will need 2-5 mm of water daily to keep from going brown.

Mosses are often a tempting choice due to a perceived resilience; it literally grows on trees so what would stop it growing in my garden? Mosses are squishy and compress without being damaged, but they are easily torn by tension. Once torn, it is important to replant the moss as regrowth can take a long while, and having exposed patches can lead to weed infestations. Moss lawns can therefore stand being walked occasionally, but constant foot traffic or use can damage them beyond repair.

Moss is also generally too damp to be sat on. A moss lawn may be soft and comfortable but the constant moisture can make it unsafe for children or animals to play on. Moss lawns are more suited to be something to look at instead of something to love.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance lawn that is still suitable for your family, plant a Fescue or Zoysia, once established Coochie HydroGreen can maintain your lawn, all you have to do is get the mower out once or twice a season!

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