Lawn Care Services in Buttai 2323

State: New South Wales

Region: Newcastle

Suburb: Buttai (2323)

Coochie HydroGreen Lawn Services offer lawn maintenance services in Buttai 2323 and we’d love to service yours. We offer a free onsite assessment and quote, just call Coochie HydroGreen in Buttai on 1800 245 955 or you can enquire online to schedule a no obligation quote.

Our lawn treatment and Maintenance Program

Our Lawn Care Programs pricing can vary depending on the size of your lawn, so it is best for us to view the lawn first, to be able to give an accurate estimate of the costs involved. During our free lawn assessment and quote we will be able to assess the health of your lawn including soil pH, weed infestation level, nutrient status, soil condition, watering and mowing schedule, and overall condition and can provide methods of improving and maintaining your lawns health.

Our program comes with a service warranty, no lock in contracts and the expert advice of a trained professional at every visit. Coochie HydroGreen Buttai offer fully trained and insured lawn care technicians who can advise you on all aspects of lawn care – tailored to your lawn, including when to aerate, how to promote strong root systems, how often to water your lawn.

Our Lawn Care Program consists of 6 visits annually on a bi-monthly schedule. Every 2 months your local technician will stop by to apply a seasonal mix of our products to give your lawn a boost of nutrients needed to thrive throughout the season. Your local technician will also monitor and treat your lawn for any weeds, pests, and diseases that may be showing their heads since the last visit.

Our treatments contain a mixture of liquid fertilisers, organic soil conditioners and soil moisture retainers to encourage strong, healthy growth in your lawn as well as spot treating for weeds, pests and diseases to give your lawn a lush, weed free appearance year-round.

Many common lawn problems can be resolved through our Program with changes visible from the very first visit. Proper watering and mowing is essential to seeing the best results in your lawn. Whilst these are not services we offer, your local technician will provide advice at each visit.

Our treatments are pay as you go and our technicians are able to take payment by credit card or bank transfer with a handy 7-day billing cycle. Our 2021 product comparison survey found that it is more cost effective to use Coochie HydroGreen on an average sized lawn than buy all the products used and store and apply them yourself.

You can have peace of mind that your lawn is being cared for without damaging the environment or being harmful to pets or native wildlife as our technicians are fully trained, our products are turf registered, and our franchisees are fully insured in case anything goes wrong.

For as long as you are on the Lawn Care Program you are covered by our service warranty. This means if you have any issues or concerns between visits your technician will assess your turf and make sure its performing as it should.

As a Coochie HydroGreen customer you have access to over 150 years of collective experience across our franchise group, as well as fully trained lawn care technicians and agronomists on staff, all working together to help you reach your lawn goals.

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